Six Funny Signs from Around the World – Part One

Signs and Pictograms from Around the World

I often notice signs and pictograms as I travel the world that is quite different from those we might see here in the U.S. Why do I notice signs? I have no idea but I get a kick out of them none the less. When I first started posting these images on my Facebook page all of my friends loved them and began asking me when I was going to be traveling again.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 2

Pudong Airport Lounge-2

Here are a few of my first images and don’t forget to read the captions!

Women seem to shaped differently here? Heathrow Airport London
So I have to admit that their English is better than my German, but really funny! Nürnberg, Germany
A little closer to home – this sign as seen in Fort Collins, Colorado
IMG_137049° 27' 8.0 N 11° 4' 28.5 EiPhone 6 Plus2016.01.25 16.33.49
Mothers and children only?
IMG_119251° 29' 32.9 N 0° 36' 24.3 WiPhone 6 Plus2016.01.20 07.52.59-1
We are running to where? What for?

Pictograms seem to be the funniest so I started challenging my Facebook friends to come up with the best captions. So stay tuned for Part 2 and you will crack up at the captions my clever friends submitted!

If you still can’t get enough of funny signs throughout the world check out this book:



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