Seven Funny Signs from Around the World – Part Two

As mentioned in my last blog post (which was also my first!) I mentioned my Facebook challenges to see who of my clever friends could come up with the best photo captions. So enjoy the photos, laugh at the captions and better yet, do this with good friends and some beers!

Windsor, England

“No humans in the smoker!”


IMG_137049° 27' 8.0 N 11° 4' 28.5 EiPhone 6 Plus2016.01.25 16.33.49
Nürnberg, Germany

“The Beatles Zone”



Shanghai, China

“Poor Shep! That looks like it could hurt!”

“They wanted to say watch your

“A misstep may result in random internet access.”


Shanghai, China

“Rotate 90 degrees clockwise for “no landscape sunsets”.”

“No Angelina Jolie posing against this wall.”

“Unless you want to hear The Sound of One Wall Collapsing.”

“No back scratching!”

 “No backwards pole dancing.”
“Is that a moon over hills?”
Shanghai, China
“No celebratory dancing while your friend is puking on a Tonka truck.”
“No kicking children while playing”
“Worship the toy.”
“It’s obviously an exciting game of X Limbo.”
“That’s lingering?”
Shanghai, China

“Or maybe only LeapFrog isn’t allowed.”

“Right angles prohibited”

“Watch your step! Random people pooping. God, I feel like the twelve-year-old in the group.”


Shanghai, China

“Interdigitation prohibited”

“No stubby little fingers allowed!”

No handprints on the windowpane.”

“No napkin zone.”


If you still can’t get enough of signs try ordering this book:



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