Antony Bourdain: A Tribute

antony bourdain
Photo Credit: David Scott Holloway / CNN

A bit out of the norm from my usual posts but I feel the need to write a tribute to Anthony Bourdain. Maybe not a far stretch since in his show Parts Unknown he introduced the world to cultures, countries, history, and food that most of us would have never experienced. In today’s world, this is more urgent than ever before.

I am surprised at how personally have felt about his passing. I never knew him or met him. Yet through his show, I felt a special connection to him. Odd, isn’t it? I am such a sorry sap I find myself crying as I write this content.

Perhaps some of this emotion comes from the fact that I have suffered from depression for most of my adult life. Now that I have been binge watching his show from the very beginning I seem to see a certain darkness in some of his commentary – is that my fucking imagination? What torture he must have been experiencing to take his own life. I can/can’t imagine. God rest his soul.

I just finished watching the episode in which Anthony and President Obama have dinner together at a humble noodle restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. Has there ever been a more poignant moment between two such visionary and insightful souls? Will we ever see such a thing again?

I also have a brother who suffers from a severe case of mental illness. If any of you out there care about this issue please advocate for more support for adults who need services that are not currently available.

Rest in peace my friend Anthony and thank you for all that you have done to impact my life.

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