Six Funny Signs from Around the World – Part Three*

* Or why your clever Facebookian friends let you down by not sharing their wit and captions to make your blog most interesting and funny. What? Do they have lives, jobs? How can they possibly deprive me of entertaining two or three people with my little blog? They suck!

For those of you who have not read Funny Signs one or two, I have always been drawn to interesting and funny signs especially when traveling abroad. Most of my Facebookian friends** have told me they look forward to when I travel to see my posts. I had fun turning it into a contest for the best headlines (the prize for which was the claim to fame and my enduring gratitude). And the response has always been amazing and brutally funny until now…

Cats eyes sign UK
Motorway through the King’s Forest in the U.K.

This was the only photo that elicited a response – “Bloody English people…. :)))))”. He can say that because he lives there.

You can’t believe how alarmed I was when I first saw this sign whilst traveling the motorway in the UK! Can you guess what it really means???

Well, it turns out that the little reflective dot dodads that mark the lanes are called cats eyes in the U.K. – makes sense when you think about it for a moment. Here they are called turtles which makes no sense what so ever!

So the “cats eyes” were removed from the motorway due to construction. Whew!

**Facebookian Friends – a definition. These are all intelligent, thoughtful, witty people that I have at one time or another known IRL. Keeping up with them virtually is fun. However, most of them are not ones I would call in case of emergency – like if I were to be fucking dying.

Happiness sign
Random – can’t remember where this comes from.

This sign is super funny until you get to a certain age where a strong cough or sneeze – even laughing can cause you to actually pee your pants.

kansas city sign
Kansas City – DOH!

I have always been a grammar nerd and the best-known proofreader in all of the companies I have worked. So how did this obvious typo get through all of the powers that be? And then printed and posted? What the hell???

toronto bathroom sign
Bathroom sign at a toy company.

Obviously, a company that takes its business and mission seriously. (oops, let my branding background show) Plus, its super cute!

voodoo donuts sign denver
VooDoo Donuts in Denver, Colorado.

Voodoo Donuts – a unique name for a donut shop. Their donut names are as hysterical as their signage. And the donuts are good too! Check them out if you are ever in Denver!

Okay, I have a quote for this one, but from a previous post – “Or in Portland, where Voodoo Donuts got its start (or should I say, began to be practiced?)”

Water sign UK
Random tube station in London.

IT IS official. The French do not wash. Fewer than five out of ten French people take a bath or shower every day and the French buy less than half as much toilet soap as the Germans and the British.

But the figures should, perhaps, be taken with a pinch of bath salts. Personal experience on crowded Metro and Tube trains in recent years suggest the British smell more often, and worse, than the French.***

So bring your water and for heaven’s sake wear your damn deodorant!


I hope you have had had a few giggles with this post. I promise to find more interesting signs and maybe next time I will have some creative captions from those awful Facebookian friends!

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5 thoughts on “Six Funny Signs from Around the World – Part Three*

  1. K,
    You had me at the cat’s eyes removed sign! I want one to display for Halloween! And while I’m hardly a prude, I can’t believe the Brits allowed a public sign with the f word in it! Wow! More signs, please! They’re hysterical! Mona

    Liked by 1 person

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