Travel Writer’s Block and the Holiday Blues

coldsmooth & tasty.-2

I currently have no trips planned 😓 (although I am trying to find a way to finance a trip to Marrakech with an intimate group of women influencers…). The holidays are upon us and as no surprise, I am a little melancholy. Add to that the ninja got into a car accident the day before Thanksgiving (she was not injured – thanks to her guardian angel!) and the Jeep is totaled so stress for the whole damn household ensues.


Unless you live in Southern California where we quite often go six to eight months without a drop of rain you have no idea how slippery the roads get once there is finally some precipitation. Slippery as snot!!! Unfortunately, the bus stop is probably dead…

bus stop 2

To top it all off, I need a new prescription for my glasses and so I miss-read the gravy recipe and we had what tasted more like tomato soup than turkey gravy for Thanksgiving!

Is it any wonder that my creativity seems sapped and I feel writer’s block? I have several decent posts queued up (that’s “lined up” for those of you who unfortunately only speak American…) that I am working on but just seem to be unable to polish them and publish.

Do any of you ever feel this way? What are your solutions for breaking through the block? I would love to hear from you!

Oh, and Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to my readers in the U.S.!!!

3 thoughts on “Travel Writer’s Block and the Holiday Blues

  1. Artists get that. I get it when I’m done with an art project and am moving on to another. It really helps for me to cross over into another different creative endeavor. For instance, I do a lot of oils and acrylics and get really wound up in my paintings, thinking of them as I’m getting out of bed in the morning and staying up way too late at night working on them. I’ve fallen asleep while painting! Anyhow, I will stop painting all together – like you, you are not able to travel right now – and I will write poetry or work on a book I’m writing and I will bury myself in those endeavors. If you read my blog you know I’m all about giving up sweets – I am an all or nothing artist! It’s frustrating, but if I know that about myself it helps living with me easier. Anyhow, hope that helps to raise you out of the artistic doldrums. Sorry about Jeep. Bummer!

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