Dirty Little Secret

So, no surprise, I always read the Sunday travel section. Last week one of my favorite columns was titled “Dirty little secrets of doing hand laundry on the road”. Now, doing laundry on the road is nothing new to folks who travel all the time and experience delays, long meetings, bad weather, and the list goes on. I would never consider it a “dirty little secret”, more like a royal pain in the ass. (I could, however, tell you true dirty little secrets from traveling but that might be too racy even for this crowd…)


She might or might not be a travel newbie but I love this line “My loathing of laundry was exceeded only by the self-loathing of being bad at it.” Then she did the self-immolation thing of social media by asking, “Have a travel dilemma, question or problem? Write to travel@XXX.com. We regret we cannot answer every inquiry.”


So, this Sunday I was looking forward to the readers’ responses. They ranged from good advice, to interesting, to just plain gross. Here is a cross-section of the responses:

  • Good Advice:”Fabric is key. Dress in clothes made only of man-made fibers because Mother Nature designed natural fibers (cotton, wool, etc.) to retain maximum moisture. Man-made fiber will dry faster, retain less dirt and stains, and remain less wrinkled.”
  • Really? :”I bring two or three-wire hangers with a few clothespins. Hangers are more manageable than a clothesline, in my opinion, but some hotels have only hangers that cannot be removed from the closet.”
  • Really? :”Fold pants, shorts, etc., over lightweight paper towel tubes to reduce wrinkling. Works well and saves space if tubes are pretty flattened.”

Because I have room in my f’ing suitcase for hangers and paper towel tubes???

  • And last, but not least, Gross:”Take all old underwear, T-shirts and ratty jeans (instead of new items), then leave them behind. You never have to hear your spouse complain, “You’re still wearing those?” Plus your suitcase will be lighter on the way home. If the suitcase is old, leave it behind and save bag fees by coming home with only a carry-on.”

dirty laundry

I am not making this shit up people! Have any hotel laundry tales that can top these? Let me know because this crap is funny! (See what social media advice I am throwing to the wind?)


12 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secret

  1. Somebody must have money to be able to discard clothes as they go along the way. Must be nice. I’ve never had the pleasure of traveling for more than a few days at a time (maybe I’ll get to travel to far away, exotic places in my next life), so I’ve never run into having to do my own laundry while on the road problem. When we get home, though? Yep, lots of laundry! What are your best tips?

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    1. Mona – I have to tell you that I have never had to do laundry in a hotel room, even on long trips (ten days to two weeks). If you are really desperate (as I once was due to packing white clothing – that’s tip number one. no white clothes while traveling) use the hotel laundry service – duh! Tip number two – always bring lots of underwear! If I ever pack hangers and cardboard tubes, please shoot me!

      I hope you get to travel to exotic locales in this life!!! K.

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      1. I’m afraid you have to write your own post. Like mine… you state the award and the rules. You answer my questions there then nominate a few bloggers you enjoy. Ask questions of your own to them and be sure to drop a link to it on my Liebster post. ( Just realize that my questions are bizarre and not the normal ‘ who has been the biggest influence in your life’ type.

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  2. I found you via Rivergirl. “Hi!” I’m with you about the dubious suggestions re: hangers and cardboard tubes. Aren’t slightly dirty, wrinkled clothes what travel is all about? Getting away from the everyday hum-drum, living a different life on the road? I’d say yes. Let your disheveled freak flag fly.

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  3. Hi, Ally – I totally agree with you! The hangers and cardboard tubes are ridiculous and if I knew anyone who packed this way I would run in the other direction as fast as I could. I love coming home from a trip with dirty wrinkled clothes – I am also one of those people who procrastinate about emptying my suitcase (sometimes even until the next time I need to use it) 😆

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