thumb_IMG_1240_1024n_an_an_aI want to clarify that I am NOT advocating traveling drunk! This blog is for people who are passionate (drunk) about finding history in their travels.

First, you need to know that I am a naturally funny and somewhat irreverent person. So, if the content of my blog is not for you, then I completely understand! Nothing I write about is meant to be disrespectful of any travel destination or piece of history. I simply love to share my personal, unique insights about my travel experiences.

The grammar geek in me will continue to use the article “an” instead of “a” in front of any historic word or variation thereof and I favor the Oxford comma – just deal with it! And if you want to really blow your mind try the interrobang‽

I guess I have always been passionate about history. Growing up in my native Colorado, my family regularly visited old mining towns in the Rocky Mountains. One favorite past time in those towns was visiting the old cemeteries and reading the crumbling headstones (okay, that may come off a little morbid). What a fascinating insight into the lives and deaths of people from a century or more ago.

Then there was the family driving vacation in the old camper to New Mexico (my parents loved that thing – they could drive in the front cab in peace and quiet while my younger brother and I were free to argue and beat the shit out of each other to our heart’s content). We visited wonderful places: Taos, Bandelier National Monument, Chimayo, and Santa Fe.

The history bug kicked into hyperdrive when I was in eighth grade thanks to a teacher named Mrs. Praprocki (thanks, by the way). She was the teacher that every student from first grade on feared the most (alright, she did throw erasers and open the windows in the winter to keep everyone “alert”). She was also my favorite, teaching her history and civics classes with a passion (do they even teach civics in school anymore?). Then there was the much-anticipated class trip to Washington DC. I distinctly remember the all-inclusive cost was $325.00 and my parents made me pay for half of the trip myself (yes, I am that old).

And then there is the travel part. I have been blessed to have had a successful career that took me to many destinations across the world (not successful enough that they would let me fly first class). In almost every case I took the time to book a day or a weekend while there to explore the local history. Even my few planned vacation destinations (yes, it was also a very demanding and stressful career) have been based on the availability of historical sites and historical significance (screw that “adventure travel” fad). Never forget to have fun! The odd, funny and silly are great adds to any destination.

Here’s hoping you have a great sense of humor, a love of history and enjoy this blog!

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