Cast of Characters

For those of you who are wondering, I don’t use real names to protect the innocent. Here is a list of characters to help you make some sort of silly sense to my blog posts!

  • The Oldest One – with three daughters this is self-explanatory.
  • The Volcano – another daughter known in her youth as having a very explosive temper. To date, she has broken four windows (first one at age three) the tempered glass shower door, and many other things too numerous to mention.
  • The Ninja – this daughter was infamously known for coming out of nowhere to ambush her sisters, chasing them with a broom, and climbing trees. Not to mention the time she broke her elbow after running around the pool (and how many times did I say no??).
  • Ex Ball and Chain – again, pretty self-explanatory.
  • Mr. Voice – a former co-worker who has such a mellifluous voice he should really have gone into radio or voice-over work.